Thursday, 24 February 2011

Not only birds are tweeting

As you might have noticed, at his been silent on my blog for quite some time. I have experienced that blogging takes time, time I did not have. So I limited myself to 140 characters with a twitter account. Posting geocaching adventures in 140 characters appears to be fun, challenging and fast. So if you want to follow my geocaching adventures, follow @rhrnl on!

But.... I have a little more spare time recently which I will use for some topics which need more than 140 characters. So for some 'easy reading' geocaching content or geocaching stuff to think about, keep your eyes on this blog! By the way, the best way to follow a blog, is by using a rss reader, like google reader.

When I signed up for my twitter account, I discovered that not only birds are tweeting. I was not the only geocacher active on twitter, half the geocaching community was already there! Twitter appears to be an excellent medium to keep posted on everything what is going on in the geocaching community. One of the most active geocachers on twitter is hollands most notorious cacher @barnynl. If you like his nagging sense of humour, simply follow him on twitter and you will be among the first to know who his next target in his fight against the decay (verloedering) of geocaching is. This way twitter appeared to be very good for my daily need of geocaching content!

Which interesting geocacher do you follow on twitter for your daily need of geocaching content? Share the fun with me and tweet me his accountname!

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