Tuesday, 30 August 2011

After over 14.000 caches, Dutch reviewer Kruimeldief says goodbye!

And there it suddenly was: The announcement of Kruimeldief and his partner KralenFee that they have quit their reviewer post. On his, in the Geocaching world unique, communication channel: Twitter.

“Thanks all. See you out in the field someday. Kruimeldief and Kralenfee are twexit as reviewers and accounts.”

Kruimeldief leaving his post was already a rumour in the Netherlands when GeoGuy was added as reviewer earlier this year but it will still be strange to see other names in the ‘publish log’ of new geocaches. In the Netherlands we will certainly miss his thorough but fair reviewing and his lengthy explanations of the reviewing process, including the frustration that submitted caches always have to be rejected for the same reason.

Kruimeldief has also pulled the Dutch Geocaching community to Twitter, by tweeting each geocache he had published. Simply follow @Kruimeldief on Twitter and you were always informed about new Geocaches. As far as I know he was the first (and besides GeoGuy the only?) reviewer doing this, which made him very popular in the Dutch geocaching community, unless his thorough reviewing. Kruimeldief embraced Twitter as his main communication channel but he was never limited by the 140 characters. One question to Kruimel and you got at least 3 tweets back. He has passed on the tweeting habit to Geoguy which makes the Dutch reviewers very accessible for questions and answers.

For now, the Belgian and French reviewers Greensprouts and riviouveur will assist GeoGuy in reviewing for the Netherlands, until Kruimel’s successor has been found. I think it would have been nice if the search for his successor would already have been completed, so the Dutch tradition of tweeting new caches could be continued as Greensprouts and riviouveur don’t do this. Nevertheless I am looking forward to the first rumours about who the new Dutch reviewer will be. I hope the election period will be just as interesting and exciting as it was before GeoGuy was announced.

Kruimeldief and Kralenfee, thank you for giving me the largest to do list ever, TFTC!

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