Saturday, 31 December 2011

My geocaching year 2011

It is already the last week of the year and that is always a good oppertunity to take a look back at the past year. I am looking back at a fairly good geocaching year, here are some of my amazing experiences:

My first find in 2011 was a special one. It was my first found by ski and my first found in Austria: Dorfgasteiner Skiventure.

Later that January I joined some geocachers living nearby for my second ever nightcaching adventure and it was a big one! 20 kilometers in freezing cold but the marvelous waypoints were worth it. Unfortunately we found the cache the day after in daylight. I am talking about a Waardeloos! adventure, maybe the best cache in The Netherlands.

In March I went a few days geocaching in the 3 borders area, resulting in my first find in Germany and I awarded some favorite points. Read this blogpost to find out where to go when you are in the area.

Also in March I attended the Achterhoeks Cache Event (ACE), my second event and a nice experience meeting some other geocachers and finding 3 caches!

In May I improved my most finds in a day stat, by finding 5 caches in one day. However, none of them are really worth mentioning and I learned again that one good multi is better than 5 traditionals.

In June it was time for some holiday geocaching, resulting in my first finds in Slovakia and Hungary!

In August I failed terribly on FTF hunting, but a few days later I had an STF on another cache!

At the end of the year I had an amazing day in November, when I spend a day cave caching just across the border in Belgium. See this log and this log, both extraordinary good caches.

At last, the police was called when a muggler saw me logging a cache and thought the ammobox and the hole in the ground were suspicious. Read about it here and here.

In total I have found 60 geocaches in 2011, 2 less compared to 2010 but it´s not about the numbers as some other people say. Looking forward to some new adventures in 2012!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Where is the snow?

Last year I had a great time geocaching in the snow during the christmas holidays! I was long looking forward to it for this year again but the weather is a lot different now with +10 degrees and a lot of grey. Not the weather that inspires me for a good day of geocaching. I haven't found a single cache this holiday. Instead, I just keep looking at last years pics:

At Molenkade:

At Bingo: