Friday, 16 September 2011

Munzee Gold Rush

In my first post about Munzee I already said it is a promising alternative to Geocaching. Now the Munzee guys have confirmed this opinion with a new exciting element to the Munzee game, starting this weekend: Gold Rush.

If you like point hunting and a competitive element, Munzee is for you. Now there is chance to make a head start, when some random Munzees will virtually turn into gold this Saturday. This means they will be worth 50 points for the first capture after the Munzee has converted to gold status.

This is an exciting new part of the game. The way of capturing Munzees with an immediate log on the internet is unique and now the Munzee team is using this unique feature to add more dimensions into the game, making it even more fun experience and special game. I am already picturing the unexpected meetings of Munzee players around a golden Munzee.

If the Munzee team moves forward as fast like this, in no time the game will be totally different compared to the game it is an offspring of: Geocaching. And that’s exactly how you build a success: Be different!

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