Saturday, 15 May 2010

Oh no! Not another micro!

Two weeks ago, I found the cache Pömp'n'Pöt, a beautifull 42 km tour through the hills of the South of Limburg, the Netherlands. It is most recommended by placer Orange Lion and also by myself to do this cache by bike. Because of the bad weather I did it by car, but if you do it by bike it is a though 42 kilometer with at least 3 significant climbs. The cache is located in a nice spot, but your reward after 42 kilometers hard work, is just another micro....

In my opinion, a micro after such a great tour is a real disappointment. There is no place to write down your experiences on the logroll, no travelbugs or coins to take as a reward for the work and a missed oppertunity by the cache placer to end the cache in the same high quality level as the rest of the cache. Finding a micro after such a tour simply is a big disappointment to me.

Is placing a larger cache such a difficulty? Last week I have found some caches of A&F, for example Lichtpunt and Big Brother which clearly show that it is quite easy to hide a small or medium cache in full sight. But because the cache fits in its surroundings so good, it will not be ripped. Want to see how it works? Just go out there and check out these caches! Then, observe the surroundings of your cache, be creative and put a smile on my face when I write my log.

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